A perfect piece for a Saturday morning! Thanks so much for this. It brings to mind Tom Stoppard's brilliant Arcadia- I believe the tutor ends up as the resident hermit, if I recall..... I just loved this. When having a Tesla and a yacht just isn't enough.

“If you’re not in a writing group, you’d better join one,” was the advice I’d been given, on and off, over the years. Reader, for me, it began innocently enough. But then, with the pandemic, once I’d started joining, I couldn’t stop.

At first, my only experience with writers’ groups had been after a lecture where the assignment was Nicolai Gogol’s “The Overcoat.” Our esteemed teacher, who is a National Book Award finalist said, “Thank god, Gogol wasn’t in a writers’ group.” The other experience was in a movie called Last Chance Harvey. It features a scene where an elderly…

Now that THAT’s over, maybe we can all take a step back, cool the rhetoric, and just soothe the vitriol. We might even do one of those post-mortem deep-dives that corporate America does, euphemistically entitled Lessons Learned or, the Take Away.

from Harper’s Weekly September, 1866

Many people, pundits and citizens alike, have observed that the country is nearly as divisive as it was 150 years ago, at the end of the Civil War. …

Mending Fences and Celebrating Gilmore Girls’ A Year in the Life

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore ready for watching great tv.

This holiday season finds us in a world that’s looking somewhat bleak. The threat to democracy remains pervasive. The necessity of our masks is imperative, while the lament for strolling along busy crowded streets, giving little thought to pandemics, or the erosion of civility, grows ever more poignant. Last week, when the New York Times announced the CW broadcast debut of the Gilmore Girls’ A Year in the Life Reunion, I was filled with a delectable, burst of joy thinking about happy viewing from years gone by.

At Thanksgiving this year, I am even grateful for the other side

Turkey dinner! by David Goehring

If you’re going to brave Thanksgiving this year, chances are, you might end up seated next to the opposition. As everyone assumes their socially distanced position, here are some pointers to get you through a potentially tricky meal.

My first recommendation is not to worry. Misery loves company, so rest assured! Many of us will spar with relatives who voted for the other side, while we sip spiked eggnog and resist the urge to wave the carving knives while making a point.

Once again, do not fret. Should…

Kamala Harris, Vice Presidential Nominee

Four years ago, when the glass ceiling smashed to reveal Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention, I wept recognizing that the candidate was someone who looked like me. We all know how that worked out, in ways that none of us at the time could imagine. The self proclaimed pussy grabber was sworn in and the next day was the Women’s March. Not long thereafter came #Me too, followed by the President’s impeachment. Then this year, was a global pandemic and several cold blooded murders resulting in a summer fraught with the recurring, remaining trauma around our collective history.


Someone who looks like me and loving Hillary after all

Earlier this summer, at my own daughter’s prompting, I watched the Hulu series on Hillary Clinton. It opens with Hillary waiting for the interview to begin. She is patient and still while a makeup artist performs her final touches and then pats Hillary’s hair just so. Secretary Clinton is not a young woman, but the camera loves her, and she uses it to great effect. Her eyes have a vibrant joyfulness about them which is enviable. But when she spins or positions or squirms, she’ll look into the camera, then…

is a historical novel based on the true story of the first woman to run for U.S. President. From Washington Heights to Washington DC, this is the fight for sexual equality.

For Dad — In Time for Father’s Day

When I was little, my father was an important guy, who believed in being early and rarely had time to waste. His work involved the news in three different time zones: events as they occurred, events which had yet to take place, and then a synthesis of the two in constructing a monthly magazine whose lead time was always three months out. Consequently, he was obsessed with timeliness.

“Okay, gang,” he’d say and tap his watch, “Let’s go.”

If I dilly dallied, he’d make no bones about leaving (wherever we were) without…

Ending American Apartheid — #Dismantle It Now

I don’t recall many folks using the term Apartheid for what happens here. But I’m a somewhat oblivious white woman, and it seems as though the term systemic racism has only recently become part of the everyday lexicon, too. Yet for those of us who aspire to be allies, there has always been something troubling and unspoken. …

Carrie Hayes

is an ex-school teacher, former casting director, retired decorator, failed librarian, hopeless romantic. Author of Naked Truth or Equality, the Forbidden Fruit

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