And now, for the Audiodrama, with a cast of thousands! Music! Sound effects! Heartache!

Carrie Hayes
3 min readJul 20

Now available everywhere! Except Audible, that is

20 free copies to give away

Naked Truth or Equality, THE AUDIODRAMA was adapted from my novel of the same name. Based on the little known story of Victoria Woodhull (who ran for President in 1872) and her sister, Tennessee Claflin (who ran for Congress), it’s a collage or kaleidoscope of sorts and takes place in New York on the eve of the Gilded Age. Told from several points of view, it represents a flashpoint in American feminist and political history. As the writer, pulling the story into an audio experience, the challenge was to convey New York’s distinctive, frenetic energy at the same time as these women became lightening rods for everyone around them.

Now that it’s done, I daresay that creating and producing the audio drama was perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

But thank God almighty, in addition to five- count them, 5 — sound engineers, I had the help of these good looking, extraordinarily talented actors, some of whom are currently (and quite rightfully) on strike.

Naked Truth or Equality, the Audiodrama is available on Spotify, and chirp, and applebooks. It’s on Barnes and Noble, Audiobooks and scribed… It really is just about everywhere except Audible. I’ll announce it when they welcome us to their stable.

For those who’d like a free listen, please reach out to me in the comments section of this posting. I have twenty redemption codes to give away.

All you need is a free, basic Spotify account.

For those who are considering making their own audio drama at home, here are a few tips to help you get started!

WHAT NOT TO DO when recording

  1. Don’t have your windows open.
  2. Don’t begin reading before you press record. Do not stop recording before you’ve finished reading.
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