Can the Complexity of the World be Shared in One Tiny Device?

IF you can raise your eyes for a moment, you’ll see that most of us are still peering at our phones, intently scrolling for whatever content might happen to grab us. Staring at the phone is now our default setting. Rather than looking up to take in the space, we…

For Men whose Masculinity isn’t Toxic

Having finished yet another bracing read from Fuck Niches, I finally realized that yeah, guys suffer, too. And I imagine it’s really difficult to be the ones who are held accountable for nearly everything that’s effed for so many of us in the world. I imagine it stinks!

So, to…

In addition to the ACLU, a person can assist in the fight for reproductive justice by contributing to Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights - (no, I'm serious, that's the name! ) at

this is how GRRR describes itself on their website:

'Most GRR! activists are age 50 plus and from the generation of women who came of age before Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade years, 1965 and 1973 respectively. We are both women and men (with and without grandchildren) who are passionate to preserve reproductive rights, access to sexuality education, and birth control for future generations."

What's happened in Texas with SB8 is not ethical. It's unjust and it's inhuman. Whatever we can do abolish or at the very least minimize it, must be done. Together, we can do this.

I’m a new grandparent — and wow.

As the day of my grandson’s birth approached, my anxiety for my daughter and all that might go wrong felt nearly unbearable.

I spent hours squashing my nerves, struggling to appear nonchalant, as she described how the doctors poked and prodded her, continuously weighing in with advice. I can put…

You might arrive the day after tomorrow. But it could be early next week. The doctors look at the monitor, study your measurements, peering over your Mommy’s belly, discussing this, analyzing that. The technology involved is the best, the expertise second to none. And yet, all of us, your parents…

A perfect piece for a Saturday morning! Thanks so much for this. It brings to mind Tom Stoppard's brilliant Arcadia- I believe the tutor ends up as the resident hermit, if I recall..... I just loved this. When having a Tesla and a yacht just isn't enough.

“If you’re not in a writing group, you’d better join one,” was the advice I’d been given, on and off, over the years. Reader, for me, it began innocently enough. But then, with the pandemic, once I’d started joining, I couldn’t stop.

At first, my only experience with writers’ groups…

Now that THAT’s over, maybe we can all take a step back, cool the rhetoric, and just soothe the vitriol. We might even do one of those post-mortem deep-dives that corporate America does, euphemistically entitled Lessons Learned or, the Take Away.

Many people, pundits and citizens alike, have observed that…

Mending Fences and Celebrating Gilmore Girls’ A Year in the Life

This holiday season finds us in a world that’s looking somewhat bleak. The threat to democracy remains pervasive. The necessity of our masks is imperative, while the lament for strolling along busy crowded streets, giving little thought to pandemics…

At Thanksgiving this year, I am even grateful for the other side

If you’re going to brave Thanksgiving this year, chances are, you might end up seated next to the opposition. As everyone assumes their socially distanced position, here are some pointers to get you through a potentially tricky meal.

Carrie Hayes

is an ex-school teacher, former casting director, retired decorator, newbie grandma, hopeless romantic. Author of Naked Truth or Equality, the Forbidden Fruit

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